Android Developer Roadmap 2022

Android Developer Roadmap 2022

Android is a mobile operating system that is used to develop a wide variety of mobile applications. The Open Handset Alliance, a group of developers, developed it, and Google released it in September 2008. The original intent of Android was to be a mobile operating system, due to the advancement of code libraries and its appeal among developers in the diverging arena, Android has become an absolute set of software for all devices such as tablets, wearables, set-top boxes, smart TVs, notebooks, and so on. As of May 2022, Android OS has a 71.45% mobile operating system market share.

What are the roles of an Android Developer?

  • Android Developers create various mobile applications on the Android platform.
  • They develop the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets as part of their primary tasks.
  • They frequently interact with cross-functional teams to create better, bug-free apps.
  • Android developers are also in charge of ensuring that an application's responsiveness and quality are maintained when it is in use.

Why you should learn Android Development?

Here are some reasons why you should learn Android development:

  • It is an Open Source Technology.
  • Huge Device Market Share.
  • Getting into the market is a lot easier now.
  • Apps have a huge market share.
  • There are numerous and diverse job opportunities to choose from.
  • Easy to Learn
  • There are numerous online courses available.

What Language, framework, and architecture are required for someone to start getting into Android Development?

If you're just getting started with Android, don't waste time trying to figure out which one is superior and which one you should use. People spend too much time debating the best language, architecture, or framework to use instead of jumping right in.

A lot better way to learn Android is to do the stupidest possible thing for an app and then build it that way, in a simple fashion, and once you find there are certain drawbacks to doing it that way, you'll understand and appreciate the value of a framework or architecture. Don't worry about the terminology or architecture; simply start with the most basic lesson, build it up, and then extend it, and you'll learn it that way.

However, if you want to know the best or most modern way for your android journey, stick with us till the end, and we'll clear up any confusion.

What If anyone wants to start Android development in 2022?

It's a great time to start learning Android because there are so many new things: the entire community is switching or almost switching from Java to Kotlin, and the entire UI framework for Android recently switched from XML to Jetpack Compose. With all of these fantastic things, now is a great time to start learning Android. There are numerous free and paid materials available; all you need is an interest in the field to get started.

This VS That

For the past few years, Kotlin vs Java has been a popular topic of discussion. Programmers have been debating which language to choose for Android development since Kotlin was launched in February 2016.

Advantages of Kotlin over Java

  • Readability - Kotlin has more understandable and precise code than Java, making the program easier to understand.
  • Null-Safe - Kotlin helps you prevent NullPointerExceptions by including @Nullable and @NonNull in its type system. Kotlin-based Android apps are 20 percent less likely to crash.
  • Expressive and concise - Kotlin allows you to focus on expressing your ideas and write less boilerplate code.
  • Interoperable - Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, so you can have as little or as much of Kotlin in your project as you want.
  • Structured concurrency - Asynchronous programming is simplified with Kotlin coroutines, which make basic operations like network calls and database updates simple and performant.

You can create your UI with XML, but in the long run, you should learn Jetpack Compose because it is where native Android development in terms of UI design is headed.

Advantages of Jetpack Compose over XML

  • The Android user experience has been completely redesigned with Jetpack Compose.
  • Jetpack Compose is completely compatible with XML and vice versa.
  • There is less code to write.
  • It fixes a bunch of UI issues.
  • And much more.

Can someone start with Kotlin without knowing Java?

Yes, absolutely you can. You don’t need to start with java at all, you only need to learn java if you have to work on some legacy project. Both languages are similar enough that it shouldn’t be difficult to learn the other one, no matter which one you learn first. Kotlin is, at the moment, easier to use because all these newer libraries that Google comes out with, are optimized for Kotlin. So, you have an easier time writing Kotlin than Java.

Can I use Jetpack Compose with Java?

No, you can't write Jetpack Compose components in Java. Jetpack Compose is only available in Kotlin.

Roadmap (Optional)

There are tons of roadmaps for android development on the internet, you just need to google it. However, here I am sharing a roadmap that you can use to get started.

Note: The roadmap does not include Jetpack Compose, instead, it includes XML.

andr roadmap.jpg

Free Resources for Android Development


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