Browser extensions to boost productivity

Browser extensions to boost productivity

In this Blog let's explore the 10 best browser extensions which are very helpful for every developer. These browser extensions make the developer's work easy and productive. We often use youtube, and StackOverflow and constantly switch from one tab to another tab or window. Sometimes this switch between tabs/windows even for small doubts damages our productivity.

These Browser Extensions improve our productivity and also eases a few simple tasks.

1. Color picker:

We developers struggle a lot in picking colors for our projects. We often take inspiration from other websites or projects. The color picker extension helps the developer to pick the right color and the RGB color code will be displayed in the extension. The developer can copy the RGB code and implement it in their own project.

Color Pick Eyedropper

ColorFish Color Picker

2. Color palette:

All the visual representations of all colors are displayed, when you click the color you want to use the hex code/color code is copied to the clipboard. So no more boring and routine red, blue, and black colors while developing your project.

Material Design Color Palette


3. Grammarly:

Documentation is an important and underrated task for every developer. It may be writing Docs for your company, personal Twitter threads, or blogging, one can easily edit their sentences, spellings, grammar, etc using Grammarly extension.

Grammarly Extension

4. Ad Blocker Ultimate:

This is my personal favorite of all the extensions( probably in the world). This extension literally blocks every single advertisement. This can be used as a free alternative to youtube premium. I never got any single ad after using this extension, even while watching anime.

Ad Blocker Ultimate

5. Screen recorder:

Sometimes we need a screen recorder to show the error or how the site is working. This is helpful to show the result and get feedback instead of explaining in words. Screen recorder


6. style stash:

Easy to inspect, edit, and save CSS styles from any web page, including web pages that you're developing.

It's the perfect tool for web developers. Never again will you find yourself searching for that snippet of CSS code!


7. What font:

Developers constantly struggle with what type of fonts to be used in their projects. Especially for beginners, this extension helps us identify the font used on any web page. So if you like any font just simply run this extension and hover over the text to find the font used on that page.

What font


8. Unhook:

This is one of the best productivity tools for developers who constantly use youtube. We often switch between multiple tabs and windows. During this process, we search for one thing on youtube and end up watching cat videos or random videos on youtube and waste our time in procrastination. To avoid this UNHOOK is the extension where one can decide to hide all the extra nonsense stuff on youtube like comments, suggested videos, the home feed, etc. Whatever you search only videos on that topic are shown on the youtube page

Unhook image.png

9. Notion web clipper:

This is the easiest way to save your favorite blogs, and web pages into your notion account. This reduces the friction between saving a page to the notion by just clicking one button. If you come across something you want to keep, just hit the Notion button on the top right of your browser! Notion Web Clipper


10. Save to notion(Twitter):

This one is for Twitter. These days people are adding value through Twitter threads, especially in the software development niche. Most of us save or bookmark those tweets/threads but forget to go back to those tweets/threads. So notion has developed this " save to notion ", where if the user finds anything valuable then with just one comment "@Savetonotion #..." can save the tweet/thread into their notion database.

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