Get started with Devops!!

Get started with Devops!!

A complete roadmap for Devops

DevOps is a working procedure that smoothens the software development and deployment process. It's more of an idea that brings the Development and Operation team closer by establishing a sync between them. Learning DevOps is learning the tools and technologies which is used in different phases of the workflow. In the following paras, we will explore the tools and techniques that make a complete DevOps engineer.



To get started with DevOps we have to start with some basics like Linux (any distribution), Computer networking, Git and GitHub, etc.


In Linux basic commands and shell scripting will be enough. You have to be familiar with making new directories, and files, writing on text editors, etc.

Introduction to Linux -

Computer Networking :

In Networking concepts like LAN/WAN, IP and its types, OSI model, TCP/IP model, and basics of DNS are required. The below CCNA course will have all the required concepts discussed.

CCNA part 1 -

Git and GitHub:

Using Git and GitHub is needed is open source contributions.

OIP (2).jpg

Git and GitHub tutorial by Kunal -


Introductory knowledge of YAML is also required.

DevOps Prerequisite (Complete guidance for beginners- All topics covered)-

Deep Dive into DevOps :

Now we will see the core of DevOps .....


learning some key concepts of clouds that include computing, network, storage, billing, etc from any cloud providers. All the cloud providers(google, AWS, Azure) provide free resources on their websites. Starting with AWS or Azure will be good for beginners.



[AWS cloud practitioner (freecodecamp)]( -


Virtualization and containers are other most important topics. What are servers, virtual machines, and containers, and the difference between these three? A container technology, most preferably Docker, and concepts of Images in docker are the topics needed to learn. Thereafter comes a variety of docker commands to pull images, connect them with a network, etc.


Resources are...

Docker playlist by Saloni -

Docker ((freecodecamp) -

Docker (Techworldwithnana) -

Docker deep dive by Nigel -

Dockerfile best practices -

Docker security essentials -

Auditing Docker security -

Docker in a visual way -

Ivan container articles -


It is a container orchestration tool that helps to automate the software deployment process. Here we have to learn the basics such as Architecture, Objects, Services, Networking, etc. Again here also free resources are available on YouTube and Civo academy's website.



Civo Academy -

Kubernetes course (techworldwithnana) -

Kube academy -

Introduction to Kubernetes (edx) -


Hands on CKA/CKAD/CKS -

Certs Magic show -

CKS book -


This term stands for continuous integration and deployment. It is a set of processes that starts with committing a code than building the image and finally deployment and release. We have to be familiar with the processes. Now tools that are used mostly are Jenkins and GitHub Actions.



Jenkins complete course -

Github actions (techworldwithnana) -

GitHub actions with cloud run -

CI/CD week -

Get Certified for GitOps with Argo -


IAC stands for Infrastructure as Code which is used for provisioning data centers and automating processes like creation, updating, deletion, etc. You have to learn the code and tools like terraform.


Terraform in 2 hours (freecodecamp) -

Hashicorp terraform accociate certification (freecodecamp) -

Crossplane CNCFMinutes -

Crossplane deep dive -

Crossplane composition deepdive -

Learn pulumi -


Monitoring, logging, tracing, and profiling comes under this. You need to learn about the pillars of observability, operating, open telemetry, and using the required tools for the above-mentioned processes.


Getting started with Jaeger - Getting dirty with Monitoring and Autoscaling Features for Self-Managed Kubernetes cluster - Intro to Kubernetes monitoring -

Prometheus CNCFMinutes -

Thanos CNCFMinutes -

Thanos deep dive -


The above mention technologies are more than enough for a beginner, but as you scale you need some others tools as well. This includes Chaos mesh, policy engines, service mesh, and container security. You can learn this when you will have a good grip on the above techs and tools Resources...

Introduction to Service mesh with Linkerd -

Kubewarden -

OPA CNCFMinutes -

Chaos mesh CNCFMinutes -


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