How to be a Good Software Engineer

How to be a Good Software Engineer

Who is a good software engineer?

The fact is, whether you're working alone or in a team, the answer to this question depends on the type of team you're working in. The fundamental objective is to create software that functions as intended, and in order to achieve that, a skilled software engineer needs to pay attention to a few key areas.

  • What issue is this software going to resolve, and how will it impact future choices?

  • How the users will benefit from this is the question.

  • What are the specifications for this program.

  • The user-friendliness of this software.

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Right approach to learn

The greatest way to learn is to experiment on your own and discover what works best for you. If you run into problems while learning, you should look for solutions online and spend time fixing them.

Even if you still have questions, consider asking folks who are using the technology and have more experience than you. Tell them what you've done and what you've learned while asking thoughtful questions.

Avoid attempting to be an expert while you are still learning.

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How to apply the learning?

Some point's to solve this issue:

  • Recognize the fundamental tools you'll use on a regular basis, such as GitHub, Visual Studio Code, or any other program; in essence, you must comprehend the entire workflow.

  • Try to create a few small-scale projects on your own, such as a personal portfolio.

  • Or perhaps try to develop a simple mobile application.

  • Try to contribute to open-source projects with concerns that are approachable to beginners.How to find a beginner-friendly issue in open source

By doing the above things you will get some experience about what it takes from an idea to something that works

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Are soft skills required?

There are no soft skills or hard skills, they are just skills. You're developing as a human with technical skillset and communication skillset. You have to take both things equally.

Let me ask you a simple question, If you're an engineer and you build something great how would anyone know about it

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For instance, if you have poor documentation or communication, no one will understand what the hell your thing does; they will only see a lot of code. Let me give you an example to illustrate my point.

If your documentation includes short, clear instructions or if you can describe your code, the other person will have no trouble understanding what your code does.

How to deal with Imposter syndrome?

  • Never compare yourself with others.
  • No one is Perfect.
  • Everyone has different capabilities.
  • No one is smart in everything.
  • Make sure to understand the things you're good at.
  • You're special too.
  • Take your time.

How to stay up-to-date in tech?

  • Try to get connected with those persons who are actually working in those domains.
  • Follow some social pages of your domain of interest.

How to ask Meaningful questions?

Meaningful questions come after meaningful work, You can refer this thread to get a clear and concise idea.How to ask Quality Questions

How Important feedbacks are?

Feedback's goal is to make you better and you cannot get better unless someone gives you feedback that can help you get better.

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Final Thoughts

  • There is no rush take your time.
  • Manage your Time schedule.
  • Put your anxiety and fear aside cuz going crazy never help you out.
  • Ask quality questions.
  • Comparison leads you to destruction.
  • Feedbacks are important.
  • Never stop learning.

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