KubeLetter #1

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KubeLetter #1

Welcome to the first edition of KubeLetter by Kubeworld. We'll be updating you regularly with all things new in cloud native. Such as events, CFPs open, news, resources, shoutouts, and more!

What's new in cloud-native

  • TestKube V1 was released earlier this month. See the docs to get started with it.
  • Portainer 2.12.2 is here with support for Nomad, a workload orchestrator.
  • Applications for the Kubernetes 1.25 Relase Team Shadows are open till April 29. Let's ensure a smooth release.


  • Log files are your best way to troubleshoot errors. Dive into Kubernetes Logging and set up proper logs to reduce troubleshooting time.
  • Find yourself forgetting kubectl commands from time to time? Here is a cheatsheet which should help
  • Use Argo Best Practices and save yourself some time by avoiding pitfalls and dead ends in this blog by Datree.
  • Not everything can be solved with fists. Batman needed to rely on KubeScape to save the day.
  • Data fetching for OPA has many methods, each with its own pros and cons. Find out which method works best for your needs in this blog by permit.io.
  • Optimize your spending for ArgoCD Workspaces by using Kubecost.
  • Code improves with multiple reviews and revisions, and this process isn’t something that can be done alone. Spotting errors in code design is difficult at the best of times — and the closer you are to the work, the harder it can be to critique. That’s where code reviews come in. Learn more about it in this blog post by Sema.


  • Let's see how to create a preview environment using Lifecycle and what are the benefits
  • Let's see how our distributed systems work using OpenTelemetry, Grafana, & Promscale
  • Get started with learning Kubernetes for free with the Civo Academy.
  • Get started with ArgoCD with some introduction, theory, and hands-on demos.


  • KubeCon is just around the corner. Check out the schedule, or sign up for the scholarship, and set up your calendars to make the most out of it.
  • Edgecase 2022 registrations are open. Get ready for some fresh and inspirational insights into Edge computing
  • Join the Security Visionaries 2022 and get to know all things related to good security in this event by Teleport.
  • KCD Bengaluru is organizing a free virtual event with lots of sessions on Cloud Native tools and scholarships for students


  • The CFPs for DevOps days are Open.
  • The Open Source Summit Call for Proposals is open and accepting submissions through Monday, May 30, 2022.

Cloud-native tools highlight

  • Use Lens to make it easier to Monitor, Debug, Collaborate and enhance your Kubernetes experience
  • Avoid errors and bugs in your APIs using CherryBomb to validate your API specifications
  • Reduce your total spending for Kubernetes using Kubecost to monitor your spending or get estimates based on your needs.
  • Kube-Monkey is a Chaos Tool that will randomly delete pods encouraging and validating the development of failure-resilient services.
  • Use Komodor to handle K8s troubleshooting and reduce time spent troubleshooting and increase time spent being productive.


That's it for the first edition of KubeLetter. I hope you learned something new today.


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