KubeLetter #2

KubeLetter #2

In this edition of KubeLetter, we've included tons of news, blogs, videos, and tools which will help you with your Kubernetes needs. There are also a couple of upcoming events and some CFPs.

What's new with cloud-native

  • KubeVirt becomes a CNCF incubating project
  • Kubernetes and Cloud essential Training is now available in Japanese.
  • Have a sneak peek at the Docker Extension for Portainer
  • Some Key Trends of Cloud-native cyber threats and some ways to secure yourself from them.
  • Learn the basics of Kubernetes Audit Logging, get advice on setting it up with appropriate backend, and prevent unexpected Kubernetes behavior in this blog from Teleport.
  • Kubernetes 1.24 comes with tons of new features listed and categorized by SIGs by Armo.
  • Security alert: Attack campaign involving stolen OAuth user tokens issued to two third-party integrators.
  • Armo raised $30M for their first Open Source Kubernetes Security tool, Kubescape.

Cloud-native tools highlight

  • Starboard incorporates results from vulnerability scanners, workload auditors, and configuration benchmark tests into Kubernetes CRDs and allows access through the Kubernetes API
  • Permit.io empowers developers to bake in permissions and access-control into any product in minutes and takes away the pain of constantly rebuilding them.
  • Lens IDE is a great tool to manage your Clusters, monitor using Prometheus, and more.
  • Talos is a Linux distro tailored to be used for Kubernetes which is secure, minimal, and immutable.
  • Cherrybomb is an Open Source tool to prevent broken API logic.
  • TestKube is a Kubernetes native testing framework that lets you run several tests in your CI/CD pipelines
  • Karpenter automatically launches just the right compute resources to handle your cluster's applications and lets you take full advantage of the cloud.
  • Datree is an Open Source tool that helps you prevent Kubernetes Misconfigurations, create policies and best practices for your teams to follow.


  • Customize the K8S scheduer for some special pods using different methods.
  • Why should you adopt Shift Left practices for software security?
  • Practical Tips for setting up Kubernetes RBAC with Teleport.
  • 10 things you may not know about K9S which can and will help for a smoother terminal experience for interacting with the Kubernetes API.
  • Sema provides some tips from the Open Source Maintainers over at EddieHub on what Contributors should know.
  • Adopt the Shift Left Approch and make it troubleshooting Kubernetes Clusters easier in this blog by Komodor.
  • Take advantage of the Kubecost Integration with Grafana Cloud to reduce cluster costs.



  • The Open Source Summit is coming up with tons of sessions lined up from Embedded systems to the Cloud.
  • DockerCon is only a few days away. Find out all the new stuff the docker team has been cooking up.
  • Kubecon is less than a month away. Build your images, spin up those clusters and get ready for Kubecon.
  • Join the monthly Civo Webinar and learn about KubeSphere, a tool that helps you to manage and observe all your clusters.

CFPs open

Tweets of the week

  • Sometimes the UI can be more trouble than the Terminal.
  • Whoever said Swarm can't scale, lied.

That's it for this one. Kubecon is less than a month away and we hope to see you there.


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