KubeLetter #22

KubeLetter #22

In this edition of the Kubeletter, we've included a ton of news, events, and CFPs, along with a plethora of useful resources that can help you grow.

What's New with Cloud Native

  • Explore the vital role of fuzzing in modern software development endorsed by CNCF. This blog highlights key updates for 2023, introduces the comprehensive CNCF Fuzzing Handbook, and invites developers to visit the CNCF fuzzing team at Kubecon NA for an immersive experience.

  • The Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Linux Foundation Training will be coming up soon with a new certification, Certified Argo Project Associate (CAPA) certification, acknowledging the growing demand for skills in the Argo Project, a key player in cloud-native computing and GitOps. Read more about this.

  • Read about the latest insights on open source projects velocity over the past year. Key takeaways include the maturation of Kubernetes with the largest contributor base, the continued growth of projects like OpenTelemetry and Backstage, and the rising importance of GitOps in the cloud native ecosystem.

  • Embark on an insightful exploration of the project journey as we unravel the compelling narrative behind OpenTelemetry's evolution, from its inception in 2019 through its transformative merger and subsequent growth within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Read on to discover the milestones, challenges, and community dynamics that have shaped OpenTelemetry into a cornerstone of modern telemetry data collection for applications, services, and infrastructure.

  • If you missed KubeCon, don't worry; read the highlights here.


  • In this blog, originally published on Istio's blog, delve into the fundamental requirements of secure communications among applications in modern cloud-native environments. Explore how mTLS, a battle-tested protocol, addresses the key requirements of identities, confidentiality, integrity, access policy enforcement, and FIPS compliance, providing a comprehensive guide to implementing and understanding mTLS in the context of Istio.

  • In this blog, we explore the transformative impact of Gloo Mesh Core by Solo.io on enterprise service mesh adoption. Launched on November 1, 2023, Gloo Mesh Core simplifies the complexities associated with open-source technologies like Istio and Cilium, offering SLA-backed support, intuitive lifecycle management, and enhanced observability.

  • This tutorial will walk through various ways to get traffic in and out of a K3d cluster for testing purposes, with a focus on ingress.

  • This article provides a guide on setting up Prometheus in a Kubernetes cluster. It covers running a local Kubernetes cluster, deploying necessary components, and testing to ensure functionality.

  • This article explores the use of KEDA for event-driven autoscaling of pods. It explains KEDA, its deployment and configuration, and how to scale web apps on regular (cron) schedules and HTTP events with KEDA HTTP add-on.


Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 11.48.14 PM

  • In this video, you will learn how to secure Kubernetes runtime with KubeArmor.

  • In this talk, you will delve into the creation of k2d, its driving factors, and where it stands as a better fit compared to standard Kubernetes. We'll explore how k2d operates to translate Kubernetes commands into Docker actions, discuss its limitations, and wrap up with a live demo, demonstrating its practical application in real-world IIoT deployments.


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  • Unlock the power of AWS in TypeScript! Join our workshop on December 5th at 11 AM CDT/16:00 UTC for a comprehensive introduction. Don't miss this opportunity – sign up here.

  • Explore the potential of Operators and discover the strategies that enhanced Backstage for improved developer efficiency. Join us in Vienna on Nov 22, from 9:30 to 11:30 PM. Learn more about it.

CFPs Open

WeAreDevelopers Live 2023 - Closes on 22nd November 2023

Devopsdays Birmingham (AL) - Closes on 1st December 2023

Kubecon+CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 - Closes on 26th November 2023

Cloud Native Tools Highlight *

  • Twingate makes zero trust network access easy to deploy, even easier to use, and always secure.

  • Pulumi, a leading IaC tool, takes center stage by offering a modern approach, enabling users to define, deploy, and manage infrastructure using familiar programming languages. With Pulumi, infrastructure provisioning becomes more intuitive, scalable, and adaptable, bridging the gap between traditional IaC solutions and developers' expertise in languages like Python, JavaScript, or TypeScript.

  • Komodor is the Only Unified, Dev-First Kubernetes Platform. Easily Operate, Troubleshoot & Optimize Your K8s Applications.

  • [Site 24

](https://www.site24x7.com/index2.html?utm_source=WeMakeDevs&utm_medium=Youtube&utm_campaign=Site24x7demo) is AI-powered monitoring for modern IT. It monitors, visualizes, and troubleshoots your IT performance bottlenecks from one console.

  • Dragonfly is a modern replacement for Redis and Memcached. Dragonfly's novel architecture vertically scales to support any workload limited only by the physical properties of the underlying hardware. This makes Dragonfly simple to run, monitor, and scale, which also translates to overall cost savings.

  • Terramate: Supercharge Terraform with Stacks and Code Generation adds powerful capabilities such as code generation, stacks, orchestration, change detection, data sharing, and more to Terraform.

  • Kubewharf

  • Helm file declaratively deploy your Kubernetes manifests, Kustomize configs, and Charts as Helm releases. Generate all-in-one manifests for use with ArgoCD.

  • RBAC Manager is an operator that supports declarative configuration for RBAC with new custom resources. Instead of managing role bindings or service accounts directly, you can specify the desired state, and RBAC Manager will make the necessary changes.

  • Explore Aiven's fully managed open source data platform.

  • Create AI-generated infrastructures with Pulumi AI.

  • KubeSlice – the world’s first "Service Connectivity Fabric" for Kubernetes. Create virtual "stretched" clusters that connect pods across distributed cloud environments. Learn more about it here.

  • Learn about Metabob, which is generative AI for debugging & refactoring. Learn more.

Tweets of the Week

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  • Learn about KubeCon talks here.

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