KubeLetter # 4

KubeCon wrap up

KubeLetter # 4

Hey Folks, Kubecon EU wrapped up just 2 weeks ago, and we are already excited for Kubecon NA. We would also love to hear your experience during Kubecon, stuff you liked, disliked, and what could have been better!

Share it in a blog, or a Twitter thread and tag us, CNCF, and Kubecon!

In this edition of KubeLetter, we've included a lot of news and announcements which were revealed at Kubecon, along with tons of amazing blogs as well. Let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see in future newsletters.

What's new with cloud-native


  • Learn how to create APIs according to OpenAPI Specifications and how to test them using Cherrybomb.
  • Your organization might be having Multiple Kubernetes Clusters and managing it can be tricky. This guide from Teleport shows how to manage Multiple Clusters.

  • Learn about the 4 Golden Signals when it comes to monitoring in this article from Komodor.
  • Why should you codify SaaS Applications is explained in this blog from Firefly.
  • Create a Secure application with the help of some Design Principles which can make your applications secure.
  • Take a look at the components of Open Telemetry and how they work.
  • This blog explains what high cardinality in observability is, why high cardinality is a problem and explains three ways to tame data growth and cardinality.
  • Here are some of the best practices to follow when deploying your applications to a Production environment in Kubernetes.


  • Learn about access management and concepts such as Authentication, Authorization, Audit, and Connectivity With Teleport
  • Take a look at how to get started with Portainer in a production environment with a 12-step checklist.
  • Take a look at the different types of Scaling and how to automate the process
  • Kubernetes v1.24 comes with a bunch of changes. Take a look at what's new with Kubernetes v1.24
  • Are you looking for a beginner-friendly Kubernetes Community? Check out Kubesimplify and all the great work they have been doing.


CFPs open

CFPs that are currently Open

Cloud native tools highlight

  • Splunk is a tool for monitoring and searching through big data.
  • Datree is a CLI tool that enables you to prevent any misconfigurations with Kubernetes Cluster.
  • KubeSphere is a distributed Operating System for managing cloud-native applications. Learn everything you need to know about KubeSphere in this blog.
  • Kubescape is a Kubernetes Security scanning tool, which provides a single pane of glass view for your clusters and an RBAC visualizer.
  • K8S Lens is a powerful Kubernetes IDE with a context-aware terminal and support for multiple cloud-native integrations.
  • Litmus Chaos is a tool used for Chaos Enginerring to create robust, and resilient applications.

Tweets of the week

That's a wrap for this one! Hope you learned something new and exciting!

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