KubeLetter #7

Happy Independence Day!

KubeLetter #7

Hey folks, in this edition of the KubeLetter, we've got some great blogs and videos, along with some news. Hope you learn something new today.

What's new with cloud-native

  • Armo has launched The State of Kubernetes Open Source survey, which attempts to understand the usage of open source Kubernetes tools in the industry.
  • The CivoStack is an enterprise-ready hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution built for security, performance, and scale.
  • The schedule for KubeCon NA 2022 is live! Check it out and add the sessions you are looking forward to on your calendar.
  • KubeFirst is a new project from Kubeshop. KubeFirst is an open-source command line tool that enables platform provisioning operations.
  • Testkube v1.4 has been released, and it comes with a couple of changes including a new UI design, the ability to create test suites, Github Actions, and more.
  • The release of Monokle v1.10 also marks the one-year anniversary of the project. With this release, the team has been busy implementing extensive features for easier and more manageable cluster ops.


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  • So, you accidentally erased an important commit. How do you recover it? You can use git reflog to restore the commit. Learn how to use git reflog in this article from Mergify.
  • Redis is an in-memory data store that stores data in key-value pairs. It’s primarily used as a cache for quick data access, as a database, and as a message broker. Let's look at some steps to secure your Redis Databases.
  • Implementing a comprehensive monitoring stack is an important early step for teams running workloads on K8s. Let's explore four tools you can use to efficently monitor Kubernetes.
  • A Platform Orchestrator sits at the core of a dynamic Internal Developer Platform. Let's learn about what is a Platform Orchestrator and what it does.
  • Kubernetes has many ways to access a pod. Let's look at some of these methods.
  • Deploying containers into a production environment can be just as challenging as introducing containers into your software architecture. Here is a guide that will help you deploy Kubernetes in production effectively and efficiently.
  • Passwordless is a form of authentication that doesn't require users to provide passwords during login. Let's take a look at how passwordless works.
  • Many teams are hesitant to introduce changes to their CI pipeline to not disrupt the often complex continuous deployment (CD) patterns. GitOps however is more than CD, it provides automation, eliminates unpredictability of configuration drift, and enhances security
  • Do you want to see who you've worked with on an open source project? Check out the GitHub Social Circle by Sema which shows all the folks you've worked with on a project.
  • Let's learn how to build and operate an open-source data stack on Kubernetes in this article by plural.sh


CFPs open

Cloud-native tools highlight

  • Soax provides residential and mobile rotating back-connect proxies that will help your team deliver on the goals for web data scraping, competition intelligence, SEO, SERP analysis, and more.
  • Splunk is a tool for monitoring and searching through big data.
  • Apache SkyWalking is a performance monitor tool for distributed systems, specially designed for microservices, cloud-native and container-based architectures.
  • KubeClarity is a tool for detection and management of Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) and vulnerabilities of container images and filesystems
  • Avoid errors and bugs in your APIs using CherryBomb to validate your API specifications
  • Use Lens to make it easier to Monitor, Debug, Collaborate and enhance your Kubernetes experience

Tweets of the week

That's all folks. Hope you've learned something new today. We would love to hear some of your experiences as well, so share them on Twitter and tag us.

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