KubeLetter #9

Biggest events of 2023

KubeLetter #9

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Kubeletter. In this edition, there is some exciting news from the cloud-native world. We've also included some great learning resources and videos, events, and a couple of CFPs.

What's new with cloud-native


  • Sysadmins require to understand how Kubernetes works internally. Check out this talk by Kelsey Hightower from Puppetcon 2016.
  • Ingress and service mesh specifications are about to be replaced with Gateway API. Let's see it in action!
  • In this video by Viktor, let's explore CAST AI as a way to combine scaling with cost reporting of cloud and Kubernetes resources.


  • Civo has revealed their keynote speaker for Civo Navigate. This is going to be a great event. Don't miss it!
  • KubeCon NA 2022 is only a month away! Attend some of the amazing talks that are lined up, network with the cloud-native community, and increase your knowledge.
  • Participate in the Pulumi Challenges to build real-world applications with Pulumi, and win some swags along the way.
  • ArgoCon is less than a week away! Unable to attend in person? You can grab a free virtual ticket.
  • TechMids Conf is an all-day full stack conference made up of all your favorite meetups from Brum.js to Fusion, to Golang, to DevOps, and everything in-between.
  • Get the chance to network with the Kubernetes community and engage in cloud-native discussions at the All Things Kubernetes Orlando Meetup hosted by Civo.

CFPs open

  • As a Dev working in big R&D departments, handling many tasks from multiple systems with many stakeholders, remote teams etc... I'm sure you're feeling a cognitive overload - meet Zigi. Zigi is a personal assistant for developers that works directly from Slack, offering actual help in managing your repetitive and non-coding tasks and helping you connect with your teammates’ workflow.
  • Sprkl leverages OpenTelemetry to automatically instrument every code change and analyze it upon execution, helping you to get insights into your code, and fix bugs with ease.
  • Memphis is an open-source, real-time data processing platform for in-app streaming use cases.
  • Devtron is a tool integration platform for Kubernetes which lets you easily integrate tools and monitor your applications across multi-cloud environments from a central dashboard.
  • Rancher is an open-source container management platform built for organizations that deploy containers in production and makes it easy to run Kubernetes everywhere.

  • Finout can help you, monitor, manage and reduce your cloud costs across multi-cloud environments in minutes.
  • Powerfulseal injects failure into your Kubernetes clusters so that you can detect problems as early as possible. It allows for writing scenarios describing complete chaos experiments.

Tweets of the week

Here share Tweets that you like related to DevOps and add 1-2 lines about it also.

That's all for this newsletter. KubeCon is coming up next month, so do get ready for it. Hoping to see you in Detroit!

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